Oolong Tea

Halfway between green tea and black tea in flavor and effect, oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea which is known for its rich taste and pleasant lasting aftertaste. The flavonoids in oolong tea is effective in controlling obesity. Specifically speaking, it activates the enzyme that is responsible for dissolving triglycerides. It has been confirmed that the continuous intake of oolong tea contributes to enhancing the function of fat metabolism and to controlling obesity.


White Tea

The least processed and the least caffeinated of teas, white tea is made from silver leaves and has a mild flavor. White tea is more scarce than the other traditional teas and quite a bit more expensive. It is similar to green tea in that it has undergone very little processing and no fermentation but there is a noticeable difference in taste. The flavor is light and sweet. White tea contains more anti cancerous components than green tea. It’s health benefits are worth their weight in gold. White tea is not as researched as green tea and since it is more expensive it’s not a good business choice for manufacturer’s to process. You do find it more available today than in the past but it’s still hard to find whole leaves.

Red Tea

Red tea, also known as Rooibus, is not technically a tea. It comes from a plant, Rooibus, in Africa but is often referred to as “tea”. A digestive remedy for indigestion and eating too many rich fatty foods this should be a staple for people who eat a Standard American Diet (SAD). When we eat too many fatty foods and foods we are allergic to our body fights it off. One of the side effects of the body fighting that off is excess mucus from parasites. Red tea fights off the excess mucus conditions from parasites. There are 50% more antioxidants in red tea than in green. The health benefits of rooibos (ROY -BUS) are bound to make it a favorite. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. It is caffeine-free and it’s also low in tannins, that sometimes can cause digestive problems.

Losing Weight Through the Digestive System

Our digestive system has a direct role in our health. Whatever we put in our mouth has to go through the digestive system. The digestive system, through a complicated process, breaks down what we’ve consumed and distributes it where our body needs or doesn’t need it. This is the place our vitamins and minerals emerge from the food we ate. If there is a functional problem in the digestive system, then no matter what is being eaten, it will not be properly absorbed and deficiency will be experienced.

How To Shed 250 LBS A Day

DS does not have a problem with picking things up for me at the supermarket which is nice. He’s not selfish in his fetish and I take him with me when I grocery shop. Sometimes the whole family goes. This is really a treat for DS. He likes getting the okay to go to the supermarket and especially likes it when the family shops together. His excitement isn’t because we’re all together though, his excitement is because we can tell him where things are located. You’d think that with as many times as he goes to that store he would know where things are located and at the very least a general understanding of the stores layout. But when we’re there together I am consistently the person giving directions. Like when I am in the grocery department and have had enough of him throwing things we don’t need into the cart and me taking them out when he isn’t looking, I will assign a task. “Could you go get some toothpaste,” which is located across the store in the Health and Beauty Department far enough away for me to be able to finish the shopping. The usual questions follow: “Where is the toothpaste and what kind do you want me to get?” As annoying as it is because this is not his first assigned Toothpaste Task and we have used the same toothpaste everyday for the last 20 years, I give the directions to where the toothpaste is located and give a complete description of the toothpaste we use. I always have the same hopeful feeling that he will get lost and not come back. He ends up eventually finding me and sometimes he even has the right toothpaste with him.

I suppose my mom is right and it could be worse. DS could have a much worse