Food For The Road

Travel with plenty of water. The air conditioning in the cars and plane cabins is really dehydrating. Bring plenty of water for you (and your kids) to drink along the way.


Wine With Meals

Whoever came up with this load of bologna surely sits on the board of one of the major wineries. The body no more needs help digesting food than it needs help to blink its eyes or to breathe. All are autonomic responses. Digestion simply takes place when food is in the stomach. If anything, wine retards the digestion of food. In the same way your motor responses are slowed when under the influence of alcohol, digestion is also slowed down.

Glandular Body Types

Everyone is shaped a little differently. There are groups of similar shapes in certain people – long ones, tall ones, short ones, big ones. Usually a practitioner will classify a persons body into particular types and then adhere to that type’s best supplements and diet. One of the common systems used for this is the glandular system.

Appetite Suppressants

By suppressing the appetite, we consume less food. By consuming less food, we lower our caloric intake. As we know, maintaining a low calorie intake will no doubt lead to weight loss. Here are some natural appetite suppressants:

Protein and Weight Gain

Protein is the subject of many myths. The bottom line on protein is this: High-protein diets are dangerous. Many formula diets emphasize high-protein foods and contain very little carbohydrates. This type of diet is not a formula for success. It can cause a rapid, and usually temporary, water loss. But usually the weight comes back on very quickly.

Bojenmi – Weight Loss Tea From China

Bojenmi is a tea that is used for weight loss in China. It contains medicinal herbs that strengthen your digestive system and spleen, and reduce water retention. The formula includes several herbs, the main one being a tea leaf found in the Fujian Province. Bojenmi’s herbs are traditionally used to enhance digestion, resolve accumulations of mucus and moisture, eliminate food stagnation, and provide a slight laxative effect. The combination works with the four therapeutic actions relied upon in Chinese medicine to promote weight loss and reduce blood lipids. By enhancing digestive function, general digestion is improved. Good digestion results in good health and a long life. By enhancing the spleen, nutrient absorption is improved which results in better metabolism and energy. By reducing blood lipids, fat is removed from the blood which results in lower cholesterol. Excess mucus in our body results in excess water by removing the mucus the excess water is expelled.

Diets Don’t Work – Eating For You Does

Learn how to eat to satisfy your desire to eat and assist your body in maintaining itself at the weight that is most becoming on you. Learn to eat to live and stop living to eat – alter you’re eating habits. Losing weight is only half the benefit when you’ve learned to eat correctly. A phenomenal increase in energy and an overall feeling of well-being will become additions to your life.

Weight Loss Tea

This tea has been used for centuries to dissolve fatty tissue. It also improves the beauty and youthfulness of the skin, cleanses the mucous membrane of the colon, and is an excellent source of vitamin C. This tea is a diuretic and helps reduce water retention (which makes up a huge part of unwanted weight), balances the appetite, and minimizes food cravings. Drink 2 to 3 glasses per day for weight loss purposes.

Health Journal

When you begin to make healthy lifestyle changes, you should make a journal so you can track those changes and also track the difference it has made in your health. It’s also important to keep a health journal for chronic health conditions. In keeping a journal you will see if there’s a pattern to your health. It will help you remember exactly when a certain condition began or changed. You will be able to track the progress to your health goal. You will be able to see if a difference was made in the way you feel. You won’t forget to ask your health care provider an important question. You won’t feel overwhelmed writing out all the details of your overall health picture. Here’s some ideas to get you started. Make your own hard copy or copy and paste this one. Start a health journal in a three ring binder and help you understand your health better.

Exercising and Eating Better But Still Not Losing Weight

There can be reasons other than overindulgence in foods and a total lack of exercise that can cause excess weight.