Understanding B Vitamins: What Happened To B4, B8, B10, and B11

Thiamin kept the B1 name. B2 was already taken, so niacin got B3. As vitamin research continued, scientists found a number of substances they thought at first were new B vitamins. Some turned out to be the same B’s that had already been discovered, while others turned out not to be vitamins at all.


Understanding Vitamin A

People use to get a dose of vitamin A from cod liver oil but it tastes awful and often cause digestive upsets. Once known as the ‘anti-infective vitamin”, vitamin A has recognition as a major player in immune status. Carotenes, some of which can be converted into vitamin A, are immune enhancers. Carotenes represent the most widespread group of naturally occurring pigments in nature. They are an intensely colored group of fat-soluble compounds. These compounds not only play a vital role in protecting the organism or plant against the tremendous amount of free radicals produced during photosynthesis. Vitamin A is termed retinol, signifying that it is an alcohol involved in the function of the retina of the eye.

Osteoporosis – You Can Rebuild Your Bones

A crippling, degenerative disease marked by gradual loss of bone mass, osteoporosis can lead to height loss, a stooped appearance, back pain and skeletal deformities or fractures, especially of the hips. Bone loss occurs at different locations depending on the woman, the most common being the spine and hips. Those with the highest risk have Caucasian or Asian ancestry, a family history of osteoporosis, take excessive mounts of thyroid or cortisone-like drugs, are physically inactive, have early or surgically induced menopause, a diet low in calcium sources and smoke or drink alcohol.

An Introduction To Vitamin Supplements

It can be a little daunting walking into a health food store, drugstore or supermarket isle with all those supplement bottles on the shelves. There are hundreds of vitamin, mineral, and supplements of all sorts. It is important to understand how and why supplements work so they can be taken for your health needs. Quite a bit of controversy exists about taking vitamin and mineral supplements. Some think that we get all the necessary nutrients from a well-balanced diet; others feel the SAD in general is nutritionally incomplete. Whether a person chooses to take a daily vitamin and mineral supplement or not, it is important to eat a well-balanced, varied diet, drink plenty of fluids, limit the amount of food we consume for our body size, get plenty of rest, and exercise regularly. These can be hard to fit in to a busy life and taking a vitamin and mineral supplement is not a cure-all, nor should they be used as a stimulant for energy or as a substitute for a well-balanced diet.

Chromium’s Role In Weight Loss

Chromium directly affects the insulin activity of brain cells which directly impacts appetite control, the increase of lean body muscle and fat burning.