Essential Oils

 Premenstrual Syndrome Essential Oils

Premenstrual Syndrome Essential Oils

Use the synergistic blends in your bath and as a body oil. To add to your bath – mix the essential oils and then drop 7-9 drops into bath water after bath water has been drawn. more

Diaper Rash

Broken Capillaries

Making Perfume With Essential Oils

Easing Heartburn With Essential Oils

Relieving Sinusitis

Essential Oils To Avoid

Cellulite Relieving Bath Salts

Using Essential Oils at the Hospital

Keeping Mosquitoes Away

Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Easing Grief With Essential Oils

Keeping Hyperactivity Under Control With Essential Oils

Soften Hands With Hand Scrub

Shaving With Essential Oils

Peppermint Foot Freshener

Natural Flea Collar For Pets

Traveling With Essential Oils

Doing Laundry With Essential Oils

Essential Oils To Use At The Office

Essential Oils To Keep On Hand


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