Legal Stuff

This is a snippet of the legal stuff:

The stories, recipes, and content on this blog are covered under copyright laws and don’t belong to you. You are welcome to use the information on this site for personal use but you can not make any monetary gains on any content of this blog. You may not quote any content on this blog without express written consent.

Any recommended remedies of food, essential oils, herbs, teas, or anything else that’s covered on this blog are an opinion of the writer. Anyone wishing to try these recommendations are doing so at their own risk. You should consult a doctor before trying anything since the writer doesn’t know anything about your health history or any medications you’re on that could very well interact with any of the recommendations. Use common sense when reading this blog and apply that common sense when determining your use of the information on this blog.

You are notified in blunt English but if you’d like a copy of the legal stuff written in legal mumble-jumble send a note stating that along with a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Alexandra Teagan

C/O Yopta

PO Box 141305

Grand Rapids, MI 49514-1305




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