Food For The Road

Travel with plenty of water. The air conditioning in the cars and plane cabins is really dehydrating. Bring plenty of water for you (and your kids) to drink along the way.


Essential Fiber: One Reason Not To Refine Foods

What product doesn’t stimulate insulin production? All unrefined complex carbohydrates (whole, unprocessed plant food). Fiber in complex carbohydrates has been found to moderate and even correct insulin levels in the bloodstream. Eating an orange with a certain amount of fruit sugar in it causes less of a rise in insulin levels than consuming the same amount of fruit sugar in orange juice.

Fat Replacement Products: Olestra (Olean)

More than 150 scientific studies and 25 years of testing have made olestra (brand name Olean) the most thoroughly tested new food ingredient ever approved by the FDA. Yet, a 2003 report in the American Journal of Public Health exposed the fact that 80% of the authors who published articles supporting olestra had financial ties to Procter & Gamble (P&G), the company that manufacturers the fat substitute.

Wine With Meals

Whoever came up with this load of bologna surely sits on the board of one of the major wineries. The body no more needs help digesting food than it needs help to blink its eyes or to breathe. All are autonomic responses. Digestion simply takes place when food is in the stomach. If anything, wine retards the digestion of food. In the same way your motor responses are slowed when under the influence of alcohol, digestion is also slowed down.

Drinking Diet Soft Drinks To Lose Weight

Over two hundred million soft drinks are consumed in this country each year, Actually they are anything but soft on your body, except for your teeth. A Cornell University study showed that soft drinks can completely erode tooth enamel and make teeth as soft as mush within two days.

Glandular Body Types

Everyone is shaped a little differently. There are groups of similar shapes in certain people – long ones, tall ones, short ones, big ones. Usually a practitioner will classify a persons body into particular types and then adhere to that type’s best supplements and diet. One of the common systems used for this is the glandular system.

Women and Weightlifting

Women tend to fear weight training, thinking it will result in huge muscles. However, female hormones don’t encourage muscular over-development. Working up to five or ten pound weights is an adequate goal for most women and unlikely to result in large muscles.

In addition to increasing bone density, weightlifting, like other forms of exercise, can strengthen your immune system and contribute to good mental health.

Low Calorie Diets

When anyone goes on a low-calorie diet, the body doesn’t know that it’s been receiving less calories because the person is trying to get rid of fat. Instead, when the body suddenly starts receiving fewer calories than usual, its emergency alarm systems go off and the body gears up to cope with harder times ahead.

Building Muscle While Losing Weight

Building muscle can be one of the most important aspects of weight control. Healthy muscle tone helps to raise the resting metabolism, thereby increasing the calories the body uses on a daily basis. It can also help to provide continual motivation by reinforcing a positive body image.

Appetite Suppressants

By suppressing the appetite, we consume less food. By consuming less food, we lower our caloric intake. As we know, maintaining a low calorie intake will no doubt lead to weight loss. Here are some natural appetite suppressants: