Blog Update

¬†With all the parties to plan and toes to paint, it has been a little overwhelming keeping up with all the blogs. The wordpress blog is by far the easiest to maintain so I have consolidated to this central location. To stay true to each blog I have developed a schedule so my fans will … Continue reading


am primarily a stay-at-home mom but have other interests as well. I went back to school and earned a degree in herbal medicine and love to travel so took some courses and am also a travel agent. I researched my family genealogy for fun a few years back and have not yet found the rumored link that we are related to the Queen of Holland. I love to cook and do the occasional craft project. I wish I was better at things like organizing my pictures and I wish I hadn’t learned what drugs and alcohol does to the body because I really would like to be an alcoholic or drug addict. Instead I am a mother of four, well 10 if you count DS, and very much love my husband and children (no matter what you read). I am currently trying my hand as a blogger so I have a place to vent and hopefully stop plotting DS’s death.