DS Blog Changed

The new Wednesday schedule will be about supplements. You’ve seen the isle filled at the grocery store – vitamins, herbs, enzymes, amino acids, etc.- now you’ll know what they’re used for, the recommended amount to take, and medications they interact with.


Keeping The Heart In Shape

One weekend, long ago, DS and I took a weekend trip. It was before the kids so traveling was much easier. We also had to travel much cheaper back then and ended up staying at a motel similar to Motel 6’s quality. In the middle of the night, there was a big BOOM, BOOM, BOOM on the door to our motel room. This woke us both up immediately and I went to the window to see who it was. It was just some drunk passing by that had nothing better to do than to knock on all the doors. Still startled and a little pissed, I turned around to tell DS what I had concluded after looking out the window. Where did he go?

Rainy Day Fun

One weekend during his childhood DS’s parents were going to treat the boys to a day at the zoo. The boys couldn’t wait. They were so excited and ran from cage to cage to see all the animals. Toward the exit of the zoo was an ostrich. DS’s dad wanted the boys to wait for them so he told them not to pass the ostrich because the ostrich was a deadly creature. “It spits poison at its prey and if you go past him, he’ll spit the poison at you.” The boys were scared to pass the ostrich without their dad so they waited for their parents and all exited together.

Catching a Flick While Chores Get Done

Our house is about medium-small. It used to feel much bigger but our family size doubled and it now feels much smaller. Being a smaller house has its perks. I always know where everyone is, even if they’re not in sight. DS has no idea where anyone is. He’s always asking, “Where are you?’” We’ve only hidden from him once but now he thinks we hide from him all the time.

How To Make Money With Eggplant

DS didn’t grow-up with sisters and has no clue about women or women’s ways. Instead he was raised with a house full of brothers who teased each other. To get the brothers feathers ruffled, their childhood game was trying to get the other brothers annoyed enough to chase them down the street and through the neighborhood. They were all very competitive and just kept egging each other on. And I have the gold medal winner.

Red Fridays

Have you noticed more and more people wearing red on Fridays? The reason?

Americans who believe in God, support our troops, and have a loyalty to country used to be called the ‘silent majority’. Now there is silence no more. Record breaking numbers are voicing their love for God, country, and troops. This is not an organized group and there are no membership fees. These are Americans who choose to consciously dress themselves in red on Fridays.

Making A Name For Yourself

This freed up so much of my time. I could go to the bathroom and not have to use lightening speed. I could talk on the phone without putting someone on hold. I even had time to really start hiding things around the house.

The kids would tell me, “Dad’s calling you.”

“No, he’s calling for Alexandra.” They looked puzzled so I clued them in.

DS found me again and told me he had been calling me. He needed help with finding his shoes.

“Alexa, I’ve been calling you. Have you seen my shoes.” I didn’t answer of course because he was talking to someone else.

Why You Find Tupperware Bowls At Garage Sales

After dinner DS asked me how to get the polish off his toes but I told him we were unfortunately out of remover. I told him vinegar would work and to soak his feet in some. While I was getting the kids ready for bed and he was soaking his feet in a Tupperware bowl, the furnace started to clunk. CLUNK! CLUNK! “Oh, please God, no.” I thought. Not because I was worried about the furnace going out but because I didn’t want DS to play handy-man again. CLUNK! Too late. I could hear him going to check it out. He didn’t go to the basement where the furnace is located. He went to the thermostat and started pushing buttons. I know this because I could hear the beep, beep, bon. The bon was because he couldn’t remember the numerical password he had set-up and his access was being rejected. Beep, beep, bon. CLUNK! I told the kids to get themselves into bed and went to help. I went downstairs to the basement and shut-off the furnace by the switch which is located on the top under a clear flip-lid marked On/Off. I went back upstairs and he was still beep, beep, bon-ing. I suggested we call someone and I am happy to report that he agreed.

DS enjoys it when there’s a repairman at our house because he likes to follow them around and ask questions about how things work. I usually ignore the pleading eyes when they look at me because I enjoy the break. It doesn’t matter what the repairman’s specialty is, DS will ask him about anything that pops into his head. I actually felt sorry for the first couple of repairmen that we hired. I did intervene once though because my heart went out to poor repairman Tim. I remember Tim’s name not because he was an especially good repairman but because DS said Tim’s name a few hundred times while Tim was here. Tim was called over because our refrigerator was leaking. DS had fixed it a few times before but “new” leaks kept popping up. Before Tim arrived DS moved the refrigerator out of the cut-out nook in the kitchen. This was not any easy task because the things that where on top of the refrigerator kept sliding off and DS would stop mid-move and pick up whatever had fallen and put it back on top of the refrigerator. DS likes to adhere to the rule that when moving a refrigerator you cannot move the items on top either before or during the move to another location. After the refrigerator was moved into it’s easily accessible place DS got the work area ready. He placed his flashlight, hammer, and screwdriver down behind the back along the wall. That’s when DS saw the little hole in the floor. He examined it and saw that there was a hose coming up from the basement to the back of the fridge. This was the culprit he told me. He ran down to the basement to see the hose come out the other end. He didn’t know for sure it was attached to anything else until he saw it with his own two eyes. When he confirmed what he suspected, the hose was attached to a water line, he came back up and announced that we didn’t really need a repairman after all. Luckily, Tim was already on his way.

Why Mom’s Don’t Have Manicured Nails

Apparently, when DS was 12 he had fallen out of a tree house and broken both his legs. Now I have heard about the tree house fall before but I just assumed he had fallen on his head. It was news to me to find out he had broken both legs and get this: He spent 6 months in the hospital. Why would they have kept this vital information from me? Half of his 12th year was spent in the hospital. That explains so much. He never fully experienced being a 12 year old. Everything finally made sense. The sky was blue, the grass was green, it was all clear to me now. My husband was … still12. The reality of that wasn’t thrilling to say the least. What was I supposed to do with a 12 year old husband? I suppose I could have just taken him out back and thrown the ball around with him but I selfishly wanted another adult around to help raise the kids.

Decorating With The Sports Section

It was a few weeks before I noticed that the only section of the newspaper being read was the Sports Section. It was hard not to notice. I found it wherever DS had read it. On the floor next to couch, on the floor next to the toilet, on the floor next to the kitchen table, on the floor next to the toilet. It was when I noticed it being used as a bathmat that I asked him to stop leaving the Sports Section all over the apartment. And that was the beginning.