Premenstrual Syndrome Essential Oils

Use the synergistic blends in your bath and as a body oil. To add to your bath – mix the essential oils and then drop 7-9 drops into bath water after bath water has been drawn.

To add to you oil – mix the essential oils and add 7-9 drops to 2 tablespoons base vegetable oil and rub over abdomen, hips, lower back to the lower end of the backbone, between cleavage of the buttocks but not as far as the anus.

Violent/Aggressive PMS

10 drops Palma rosa

10 drops Bergamot

10 drops Geranium

Weeping/Depression PMS

9 drops Rose

12 drops Clary-sage

9 drops Bergamot

Irritable/disagreeable PMS

10 drops Nutmeg

5 drops Geranium

15 drops Bergamot

Apathetic/Tired/Listless PMS

10 drops Clary-sage

18 drops Grapefruit

2 drops Jonquil

One Response to “Premenstrual Syndrome Essential Oils”
  1. Melissa says:

    Nice blog, I use Young Living oils also, they work wonderfully.

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