Understanding B Vitamins: What Happened To B4, B8, B10, and B11


The first B vitamin to be discovered was called “water-soluble B.” That meant only that it was the second vitamin ever identified (the first was fat-soluble A). Riboflavin was discovered next, so water-soluble B became B1, and riboflavin became B2. The system began to get confusing in 1926, when researches realized that vitamin B1, was actually two vitamins, thiamin and niacin. Thiamin kept the B1 name. B2 was already taken, so niacin got B3. As vitamin research continued, scientists found a number of substances they thought at first were new B vitamins. Some turned out to be the same B’s that had already been discovered, while others turned out not to be vitamins at all. These phantom B’s are the missing numbers. To avoid confusion, scientists now prefer to use the B vitamin names instead of the numbers.

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