Broken Capillaries


The very finest branches of the blood vessel system that serve the face can sometimes become broken. Usually the problem is concentrated on the cheeks or crease on the sides on the nose although the whole face can be affected. Broken capillaries seem to affect those with delicate and fragile skin, although this may in part be due to the fact that they just show more clearly than in thicker skin. Stimulants such as alcohol, coffee, sun, and wind are often the cause. Here’s a recipe to use as a treatment:

20 drops parsley

10 drops geranium

5 drops cypress

2 tablespoons almond oil

10 drops evening primrose oil

Mix the essential oils together first and allow them to interact with each other to make a synergistic effect. Add the evening primrose to almond oil. Then add essential oils to almond oil mixture.


Have you tried this treatment? Write a comment telling others how it worked for you.



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