Wine With Meals


Recently someone sent me an e-mail asking me if it were true that a little wine with meals helps digest food in the long run helps to shed some pounds. So today I’m displaying my answer to that e-mail in case anyone else has heard this nonsense.

Whoever came up with this load of bologna surely sits on the board of one of the major wineries. The body no more needs help digesting food than it needs help to blink its eyes or to breathe. All are autonomic responses. Digestion simply takes place when food is in the stomach. If anything, wine retards the digestion of food. In the same way your motor responses are slowed when under the influence of alcohol, digestion is also slowed down.

Wine is fermented, which causes any food it comes into contact with to spoil. All alcohol places a heavy burden on the kidneys and liver. If you enjoy wine, try to drink it on an empty stomach. It will take less to ‘loosen you up,’ and it won’t spoil any food. Moderation is the key. Remember, the fewer pebbles against the window the better.

The problems with digestion comes from the foods you eat it is not enhanced with what you drink with it. There are some cases when someone has trouble digesting certain foods but digestive enzymes will help most of those cases. However, if there is an allergy to a certain food. That will surely cause digestive problems. Those foods are best eliminated from the diet. Wine does not help in either of those cases either but would certainly add more digestive problems.

Was this information helpful? Have you heard of other ‘remedies” that you’d like to tell others about? Send a comment.


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