An Easy Liver Detox


The easiest way to cleanse you’re liver is to eat beets. Eat one beet a day for 10 days straight and your liver will be perky and like new! For maintenance of the liver eat a beet once a week to keep your liver happy and healthy.

Of course I suggest that the beet you eat is organic (no reason to add chemicals to your body so the liver has to clean it up).

Have you tried this home remedy? Write a comment and let others know about your experience.

One Response to “An Easy Liver Detox”
  1. cmagtoto says:

    I haven’t yet tried this cleanse, but had a beet juice yesterday. I didn’t know that the beets were liver detoxifying. I’m on a 21-day raw food detox right now. Today, I’m on Day 5. I’m going to try the liver detox that you recommend here.

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