Alexa Recommends: Door To Door Organics

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How do I incorporate healthy eating habits?


Once a week I get a little gift of health at my doorstep. Door To Door Organics is company that delivers a variety of fresh organic fruits and vegetables right to my door. They also carry a few other grocery items – all organic.

It works like this: I signed up, picked the type of box I wanted delivered, went through a list of produce and checked off things that I don’t want to receive and checked another list of produce they can substitute with (which is available to update anytime). Now once a week I receive fresh organic produce (you can choose to get a bi-weekly order). The company sends me an e-mail to let me know what will be in the upcoming weeks box and I can change or substitute anything on the list. I can sign on to my account and schedule a vacation and change my weekly order.

It’s a great way to have fresh organic fruits and vegetables available for snacking. It also saves time from running to the grocery store and also a huge time-saver for me: I don’t have to stop and think…Is this particular fruit/vegetable in season or has it been sitting around for a year?

I think the best part of having it delivered it that it requires me to learn more about cooking with foods I don’t normally use as a staple and I always have fresh produce. (The company also has recipes on their website). Ever since signing up, my family has had a wonderful variety of fruits and vegetables. As a mom, I love that my children are eating healthy foods and as someone who knows what’s hidden in the fruits and vegetables at the grocery store, I love that it’s all organic.

This company has locations in Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. It is well worth your time to see if they deliver in your area. It’s also a good idea to bookmark them if you aren’t currently in the delivery area for future expansion.


You can find them at:


For all locations:


For Michigan Location:


 The customer service (at Michigan’s location) is just wonderful. I have never had a problem and love my delivery guy – polite, chats a little if I see him, doesn’t need me here to drop the box off and leaves the box where I want it. And, I forgot to mention, they recycle the boxes and bags that the produce comes in so there’s no extra bulk in the recycle bin. Yeah!




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