Glandular Body Types

 Everyone is shaped a little differently. There are groups of similar shapes in certain people – long ones, tall ones, short ones, big ones. Usually a practitioner will classify a persons body into particular types and then adhere to that type’s best supplements and diet. One of the common systems used for this is the glandular system.

Here’s a brief look at each type. There are many different methods and uses for this system but just for fun, look at the categories and see if you can pinpoint your type and the herb that would work for you:

Glandular Type

Where Fat Is Gained Predominately

Best Herb


Gains fat evenly all over the body

Slippery Elm


Gains fat mostly in upper body; small on bottom; thin legs; large on top and in bust and back area



Gains weight on bottom; pear shape; thinner on top; larger butt, hips, and thighs



Tall and mostly thin, but gains weight around middle (like wearing an inflated rubber tire tube around waist), prone to “beer” belly



Mixture between adrenal and thyroid; balanced body; depends on which type is most resembled – se herbs for that type

See Thyroid and Adrenal


Usually obese; very large frame; large bust, belly, and butt



Small in stature with large head; usually not overweight; doesn’t apply to weight loss, but may need weight-gaining therapies





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