Women and Weightlifting

Women tend to fear weight training, thinking it will result in huge muscles. However, female hormones don’t encourage muscular over-development. Working up to five or ten pound weights is an adequate goal for most women and unlikely to result in large muscles.

In addition to increasing bone density, weightlifting, like other forms of exercise, can strengthen your immune system and contribute to good mental health.

Weight and resistance training strengthens your quadriceps muscles, which in turn will protect your knees – a body area that is prone to injury.

Strengthening your abdominals by doing crunches (partial sit-ups) also acts as a protective device for your back muscles.

Like most regular exercise, weight training also raises your metabolism, so you use up more calories even when you’re not exercising (it takes more calories to sustain muscle mass than fat).

The best way to begin weight training is to take a class. Self-taught weight lifters can easily injure themselves, and the sort of injury you get from lifting weights incorrectly may take a long time to heal. For at-home sessions between classes, work along with a video that demonstrates proper technique.

To avoid strain, don’t work the same muscles hard two days in a row. The most effective schedule for training would be alternate days two or three days a week for twenty to thirty minutes. Alternating or combining weightlifting with Yoga or stretching exercises helps you develop and maintain flexibility.

With aerobic exercise such as running, you know when you need to take a breath, so you naturally breathe correctly. Remember to breath steady when lifting weights, too. Never hold your breath.

You need oxygen for optimum performance. Time your breathing so you exhale when you are exerting the most effort, such as when your lifting hand weights up. Inhale as you lower the weights.


Are you currently weightlifting? How do you fit it into your schedule? Do you want to start weight lifting and would like some more good tips? Write a comment and let us know.



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