How Amalgam Fillings Effect Health

 The use of mercury in conventional dentistry is a serious controversy, and is probably the main reason to choose a holistic dentist – holistic dentists don’t use mercury amalgam.

Mercury amalgam (silver) fillings contain about 50% mercury, a substance more toxic than lead, cadmium or arsenic.

Traditional dental authorities allege that mercury is locked into the filling, because the atomic structure of mercury is ‘bound’ to the silver, and therefore the mercury is biologically inactive. However, recent studies show that mercury vapor actually escapes and is absorbed by the rest of the body. This increases when eating or drinking hot foods and liquids, during chewing (friction releases vapor) or when placement of an amalgam filling is next to a tooth that has been restored with gold or other metals.

Mercury released from amalgam fillings has been shown to accumulate in organs, in fetal tissue and in maternal milk.

This low-level (but continuous) mercury exposure may contribute to a variety of health problems if the immune system is compromised. Studies have shown decreased kidney function and an increase in antibiotic – resistant bacteria in the intestines.

This low-level of exposure in experimental settings causes virtually the identical neurological alteration and degeneration of brain cells found in Alzheimer’s Disease.

‘Silver’ (mercury) amalgam fillings are a potential health risk for everyone, but are of particular concern for those who are chemically sensitive.

If you have a number of amalgam fillings and/or your immune system isn’t functioning optimally, you may feel symptoms like lethargy, blurred vision, dizziness, muscle aches, numbness, etc. Consider having the amalgams removed – not only are they potentially harmful, they’re also unsightly.

If you decide to have them removed, choose an experienced holistic dentist who follows specific protocols for protecting you from mercury exposure during the removal process.

Something To Ponder

Those who practice holistic, mercury-free dentistry are often labeled ‘quacks’. Some have been harassed, or have had their licensed challenged or even revoked.

Originally, a ‘quack’ was a dentist who used silver fillings (mercury was known as quicksilver in the US, but ‘quacksilver’ in Europe).

In 1848, the American Society of Dental Surgeons required its members to pledge NOT to use mercury amalgam in filling material.

When member dentists in New York City used mercury, they were suspended for ‘malpractice by using silver mercury fillings”.

The suspended dentists refused to give up their toxic ways because mercury offered an easily malleable, inexpensive filling material. They formed a new competitive organization – The American Dental Association.

Was this information helpful to you? Have you had your amalgam fillings replaced? Send me a comment letting me know.


2 Responses to “How Amalgam Fillings Effect Health”
  1. Me-Shell Mijangos says:

    Aloha Alexandra,
    Do you know of any recommended holistic dentists in Tijuanna, Mexico? There are so many to choose from and I’m shopping around/researching.
    Thanks, Me-Shell

  2. Me-Shell,

    I do not personally know any holistic dentists in Tijuanna but there is an international list located at:
    Maybe this would be a good place to start. Even if there is not a holistic dentist listed near your location, you could possibly contact one of the dentists listed and ask them if they knew where to find one in your area.

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