Whole Foods Market

 When looking for natural, organic, ecologically responsible businesses I find that ‘big business’ runs short. However, Whole Foods Market (having a small two person beginning) has all of these traits. This company holds values and standards that we all benefit from and is consistently ranked among the most socially responsible businesses.

They are a food retailer of natural and organic products that also carries selections of conventional national brands. I personally like that the products they sell are minimally processed foods that are free of hydrogentated fats as well as artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, preservatives, and many other unacceptable food ingredients.

Not only is it a good idea to shop Whole Foods Market (if you have one in your area) but visiting them online is a good idea too. They have a series of podcasts on their blog that is full of great information. The information includes home remedies and products on the market – always a great find! There are also some tips and ideas that are helpful and creative. The series is pretty new for Whole Foods Market and the topics seem to change monthly. You can find it here:




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