Potatoes Offer Quick Solutions

 Always bake more potatoes than you’ll need for your meal. Cold baked potatoes can be used for so many quick and delicious meals. Their hearty baked flavor adds something special to any dish. Remember, too, that large new potatoes bake fantastically well, not just Russets. And cold yams are tasty too.

Here are some ides for your ‘leftover’ baked potatoes:

Slice them thin, arrange slices on an oiled cookie sheet, brush with garlic and olive oil, add a little of your favorite seasoning, and broil for a few minutes.

Cube and toss in salads.

Peel, cube, and toss in broth with other vegetables. In 15 minutes, you have a hearty soup.

Serve cold sliced baked potato with sliced avocado. A dash of seasoned salt and a big salad rounds it out.

Add mashed cold yams to muffin or biscuit batters.

Toss cold yam slices in at the end of a vegetable stir-fry.

Add cold cubed yams to soup. They’ll dissolve and make a healthy broth.



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