Grapefruit Seed Extract

 Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) is a broad spectrum, non-toxic, antimicrobial product derived from the seeds, pulp and white membranes of grapefruit. In hundreds of laboratory tests, GSE has demonstrated its ability to kill or inhibit the growth of a wide array of potentially harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoan parasites. These studies have been conducted en vitro. Although the more costly en vivo studies have so far been limited to acute toxicity studies, reports from health care practitioners worldwide indicate that GSE has important clinical applications. In addition to its broad spectrum antimicrobial properties, GSE is effective at very low levels of concentration. Studies comparing GSE with chlorine bleach, isopropyl alcohol, and colloidal silver have consistently found GSE to be superior as an antimicrobial.

The extract itself is derived by converting large amounts of grapefruit seed, membranes and pulp into a highly acidic liquid and bitter. Pure vegetable glycerine is added to reduce the acidity and bitterness. The final result, Grapefruit Seed Extract, is a processed product derived from natural sources. The “Standardized Extract of Grapefruit” is a 60/40 mix. (60% Grapefruit Extractive and 40% Glycerine.) It is extremely acidic and should only be used under the supervision of a qualified practitioner. To moderate its highly caustic quality, some manufacturers dilute the “Standardized” mix with an equal amount of glycerine thus creating a product that is still significantly potent but safer to use.

GSE is also made in a powder form suitable for encapsulation. It is nearly devoid of any unpleasant bitter taste and because it is considerably less acidic than the liquid concentrate it is preferred for certain applications.

Reasons To Use GSE

Broad Spectrum – Rarely can one be certain of the exact germ, or mix or germs, one has encountered. It is important that an antimicrobial work against a wide range or broad spectrum of microbes. GSE’s extraordinary ability to perform against harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa is uncontested.

Powerful and Effective – Studies have repeatedly shown that GSE is effective against dangerous germs even when it is greatly diluted; typically, only two hundred to two thousand part per million are required.

Non-toxic – Studies have shown GSE to be safe and non-toxic even at dosages many times stronger than the recommended amount.

Minimal Negative Impact on Beneficial Bacteria – While massive doses of GSE are likely to compromise beneficial flora, typically recommended doses of GSE do not appear to have this effect. GSE may actually assist the growth of the beneficial bacteria by inhibiting pathogenic microbes which compete with the beneficial bacteria.

Well Researched – More than 80 scientific laboratories have performed hundreds of studies on the effectiveness of GSE. These studies regularly confirm the broad spectrum activity of GSE when it is taken in proper dosages.

Derived from Natural Sources – GSE is derived from natural plant material.

Hypo-allergenic – The leading cause of death, for many years, was a reaction from prescription drugs called anaphylactic shock. This was brought on by penicillin and penicillin-type antibiotics. There are other allergic reactions to other antibiotics, while usually less severe, there are more common for many people today. GSE rarely produces a significant allergic reaction. GSE is quite acidic and it may irritate an already stressed stomach or intestinal lining.

Biodegradable – As we have the need to respect the natural order of our own internal environment, so do we need to be responsible to the earth’s ecosystem. This is especially true when antibiotics are used for commercial purposes. Since the world is now finding new and ingenious ways to employ GSE, it is particularly important that this new approach not further upset the delicate balance of nature we too often take for granted.

Compatible with other Natural Remedies – The advantages of the synergistic effects of GSE are attested to by the fact that over seventy-five different herbal combination formulas containing GSE are now available. In addition, GSE’s antimicrobial power makes it an excellent preservative thus enabling the herbs it accompanies to retain their potency.

Affordable – A typical GSE treatment costs between fifty and seventy-five cents per day – extremely economical compared with prescription antibiotics. GSE is derived from an inexpensive source – grapefruit seeds and pulp. And because it is so efficient, only a small amount is generally required.



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