Environmentally Savvy and Health Conscious

 Here are twenty common foods and the problems associated with them that should compel the wise buyer to look for them in organic form.

Apples: pesticide and fungicide residue

Beef: growth hormones, routine use of antibiotics, poor conditions in feedlots, excessive fat from grain feeding before slaughter, possibility of mad cow disease

Bell Peppers: pesticide residues

Carrots: pesticide and fungicide residues

Celery: pesticide and fungicide residues

Cherries: pesticide residue

Chicken: inhumane conditions during growth and slaughter, bacterial contamination, routine use of antibiotics

Citrus: pesticide residue

Coffee: exploitative worker conditions, negative environmental impact on plantations: loss of bird and animal habitat, damage to soils

Corn: genetic modifications, herbicide use, damage to topsoil, pesticide residue

Eggs: inhumane conditions for the birds, routine use of antibiotics

Grapes (imported): pesticide and fungicide residue

Milk: use of bovine growth hormone, routine use of antibiotics

Nectarines: pesticide and fungicide residue

Peaches: pesticide and fungicide residue

Pears: pesticide and fungicide residues

Potatoes: pesticide and fungicide residues

Raspberries (red): pesticide and fungicide residues

Spinach: pesticide residues

Strawberries: pesticide residues



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