Chromium’s Role In Weight Loss

 Chromium directly affects the insulin activity of brain cells which directly impacts appetite control, the increase of lean body muscle and fat burning.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium picolinate is readily absorbed by our bodies and enhances the proper usage of insulin. Chromium has the ability to lower blood sugar levels by potentiating insulin. GTF (glucose tolerance factor) plays a role in enabling insulin to stimulate cell receptors, which then allows sugar to more effectively leave the blood and enter the cells. When studying the effect of chromium in glucose related disorders, the fact that it significantly reduced cholesterol emerged as a bonus finding. Today, we know chromium can help control obesity, appetite and build lean muscle mass. Unfortunately, like other nutrients, it has been stripped from our modern, altered and processed foods and must be replaced in order to insure good health.

How It Works

Chromium activates many enzymes which breakdown sugar and make proteins. Glucose (blood sugar) provides the food which fuels our cells. Insulin is the hormone which enables our cells to take up (or let in) glucose by ‘unlocking’ cell doors, allowing it to enter. Chromium boosts the ability of insulin to do this, which prevents our blood sugar from climbing too high (diabetes), or going too low (hypoglycemia). Chromium helps to keep insulin molecules bound to insulin receptors located on cell walls. That in turn, boosts the amount of sugar that enters the cell and is then burned for fuel.

Chromium also plays an important part in the process of making cholesterol, fats and proteins. It has the capability of interacting with insulin to prevent blood sugar fluctuations, it can lower LDL cholesterol while elevating HDL cholesterol. It can also boost the building of lean muscle mass while decreasing the body’s fat storage.

Glucose intolerance is frequently found in overweight people. Chromium helps stabilize carbohydrate cravings and boosts fat burning (thermogenesis).It’s no coincidence that so many people who battle the bulge are also diabetic or hypoglycemic. In the 1980’s a study found that women who carry excess fat in their upper bodies are more likely to develop diabetes than other women. Chromium not only works with insulin to metabolize carbohydrates efficiently, it also plays a role in the synthesis of fatty acids. Chromium picolinate is effective increasing lean body mass (muscle) and reducing the percentage of body fat. What this means is that for the burning of fat to be optimized, chromium needs to be present. If you think you’re getting enough from your diet, it’s much more likely that your system is chromium deficient.

Supplementing our diets with chromium can lower body fat and increase lean muscle mass. An interesting thing to note is that exercising actually increases tissue levels of chromium.

Chromium Controls Appetite

Hunger is a physiological response that’s triggered (partly) by the activity of a certain portion of the brain which lets us know if we’re feeling full, satisfied, or not. The message that is delivered depends on the blood sugar availability within the cells. Chromium, with its boosting insulin function and getting sugar into cells, helps suppress hunger. There is plenty of research that shows when chemicals in the brain dip, carbohydrate cravings occur. Carbohydrates metabolize into glucose and also act as precursors to other brain chemicals like serotonin. Glucose is crucial to how we feel both mentally and physically. False hunger or abnormal cravings for sweets are linked to the brain chemistry. Chromium helps keep that part of the brain satisfied and in turn keeps us from binge eating and snacking.

2 Responses to “Chromium’s Role In Weight Loss”
  1. Holistic Junction Weblog says:

    I, for one, know that chromium does in fact work in curbing hunger; and does help in weight loss; however, as an individual who suffers from high BP, it’s important to consult w/your PCP to make certain that chromium won’t have an adverse effect on your medicine or blood pressure.

    Thanks for sharing! ­čśë

  2. dangerouspenguin says:

    Thanks for the helpful information! Though I would state that chromium “regulates hunger” rather than “suppresses hunger”. Hunger is a good, healthy signal for bodies to have — I don’t want to suppress mine!

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