Herbal Facial Steam To Restore pH Balance

 An herbal facial steam will soften the skin and allow the pores to perspire and breathe. The ingredients penetrate the skin and soften it, act as an astringent, and aid in healing it. Any clogging from dirt, oil, or makeup will be loosened for easy removal.

Always clean your skin first before you start the facial steam.

This facial steam is particularly good for you if you wear makeup daily or use soap to cleanse your skin. Most makeup and soap leave an alkaline residue on your skin which leaves it wide open for bacterial infection, pimples, and patchy dryness. Your skin is naturally a bit on the acid side with a pH of around 5.5. The vinegar in this steam helps restore your skin’s proper pH balance.

Herbal Facial Steam To Restore pH Balance

3 cups distilled water

½ cup apple cider vinegar

1 teaspoon lavender flowers or rosemary

1 teaspoon rose petals

Boil water and vinegar. Remove from heat and add the herbs to steep, with the lid on the pot, for about 15 minutes. Use a bath towel to create a tent over your head, shoulders, and steaming herb pot. With your eyes closed, breathe deeply and relax as you cleanse your pores with this wonderful, fragrant steam. Allow about 8-10 inches between the steaming herb pot and your face to avoid the risk of getting burned.

After you skin has been steam cleaned, rinse with tepid water, then follow with cool splashes. Pat skin almost dry. Follow this steam with a facial mask (Honey Wrinkle Remover) and moisturizer. Enjoy!

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