Tongue Diagnosis

The tongue is an internal organ that we can see externally. Fortunately for us, because we can see it, under examination, this important organ reveals what is happening with the organs we can not see. We can use the tongues indication to help us nurture the organs back into a healthy state. Although there are different styles to make a tongue diagnosis, I have listed the Ayurveda way here.

Look at your tongue in the mirror. Observe the size, shape, contour, surface, margins, and color.

A healthy tongue is red, not too wet, not too dry, smooth, and not too thick or not too thin.

If the color is pale – something is making the blood weak – anemia, poor circulation, etc

If the color is yellowish – there’s too much bile in the gallbladder or a liver disorder.

If the color is blue – there is some defect in the heart.

Looking at your tongue, imagine it split into three vertical sections. The Right Side, the Middle, and the Left Side. Now imagine it also split into three horizontal sections. The Tip, the Center, and the Back. This now forms a grid of nine separate sections.

Different parts of the tongue are related to different organs in the body.

                   Right Side                   Middle                    Left Side

Back                  right kidney                  intestines                        left kidney

Center                 liver                          pancreas & stomach            spleen

Tip                     right lung                           heart                           left lung

If there are discolorations, indentations, or elevations on certain areas of the tongue, the respective organs are in need of attention.

Vertical area            Horizontal area              Condition

middle                          back                             “U” shaped = sensitive colon

left/ right                     back                                  kidney disorder

middle                          tip                                       delicate heart

left/right                      tip                                       delicate lungs

left/right                      tip                                      froth = bronchitis

left/right                      tip                                     brown = pneumonia

middle                         back                                  white = toxins in colon

middle                         back/center                white or red = toxins in GI tract

If you see the impressions of the teeth along the sides of the tongue, this indicates poor intestinal absorption.

A coating covering the tongue indicates toxins in the stomach, small intestine, or large intestine. If only the back of the tongue is coated, toxins are present in the large intestine. If the middle of the tongue is coated, toxins are present in the stomach and small intestine.

A line down the middle of the tongue indicates depression. If the line is curved at any section, it indicates back problems.

If the tongue has cracks or lines all over, it indicates chronic colon problems.

If the tongue is too wet, it indicates an alkaline condition.

If the tongue is too dry, it indicates an acidic condition.

If the tongue is too thick, it indicates an inflammatory condition.

If the tongue is too thin, it indicates an emotional condition.

Use the tongue diagnoses as a guideline to your internal health as you make healthy lifestyle changes. This is a very broad definition of tongue diagnoses and for a better understanding, you’re encouraged to consult a holistic practitioner.

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  1. Susan says:

    Dear Alexandra

    I found this site very interesting. After following a fast and detox I have again checked my tongue and found impressions made by my teeth on the sides of my tongue indicating poor intestinal absorption. How can I change my current practices to ensure that I can improve this area of my health?

    Many thanks for your comments, advice and helpt.


    • Chanti says:

      HI Susan,

      I happen to see similar symptoms…what did you do to get rid of the teeth marks on your tounge ?

      Thanks and Regards


  2. Dear Susan,

    The impressions made by your teeth on the sides of your tongue are from your tongue being swollen. The swollen tongue is from an inflammatory condition directly related to your intestinal tract. You are not absorbing nutrients. A fast and a detox may have been overwhelming for you since you are most likely in a weakened state. I commend you for finishing them because it wasn’t easy for you.
    If you have recently finished these and changed your diet then it may just be a matter of time before you notice your tongue impressions disappear.
    The absorption of nutrients is being hindered in your intestinal tract, if doing a cleanse has not helped then there are a few other things you should look into.
    Your elimination should be regular and you should include plenty of fiber in your diet to keep your intestinal tract clean. You will be able to tell if your intestinal tract is clean by the way your elimination looks. (There should be no smell, it should float, and there should be a substance to it.) If you’re intestinal tract is not clean then continue to make the changes in your lifestyle and in a month or so do another cleanse if you’d like but it’s probably not necessary. Remember, the intestinal tract didn’t get dirty overnight- it will take some time to get it back into shape. It is a muscle and muscles have a tendency to get soft and lazy when we don’t use them. Getting into a regular routine will help get it back into shape.
    Another thing to consider is a food allergy or intolerance. Most people have a food allergy or intolerance and don’t realize it. This will also cause you to have the swollen tongue and impressions from your teeth because food allergies or intolerance disrupt your digestion.
    Sometimes you will not have a full blown allergy but have an intolerance to a certain food. If you don’t want to go though the expense of testing, here’s a quick and easy way to figure it out:
    Eliminate a certain food: (most of the time it’s from: dairy, wheat, or corn – try those first one at a time, in that order – there are also other foods but these are the most common) for three days:
    Don’t eat any of that food for three days and on the fourth day- eat that food nonstop. Then look for a reaction.
    Reactions will be something like: a headache, diarrhea, constipation, achy feeling, sinus congestion or cold, etc.
    When I say eat that food non-stop I mean go overboard: Eat and/or drink it like there’s no tomorrow. (Here’s a tip – usually when there’s an allergy or intolerance to food – the person will crave it and object to giving it up for three days).
    After you find the culprit- there are enzymes that could help digest that food but the best advice I can give you is to avoid it. If you have a food allergy or intolerance then follow your bodies lead- if it doesn’t like it for some reason then there’s probably a reason.


    • stacy says:

      hi i also have these impressions on both sides of my tounge but there deeper on the right hand side and thats the only side that bothers me feels kinda like if i had burnt my tounge on hot coco or somthing .. doctors cant seem to figure it out they say nothing wrong but i feel something is ..its also fatter then normal ..its just so darn annoying !!!!

  3. mila says:

    hi..i noticed maybe a few days ago that my tounge was very red and yellowish on the sides..but not a yellow coating..i cannot brush it off!! yesterday i was eaxamining it in the mirror and noticed that when i lift it up to look underneath my tounge ,then when i put it back down the middle of my tounge is white!..more like a pale i would say.and it goes away whithin seconds of me putting my tounge back down..this is really concerning me..can you please help me??? from what ive read can that mean that im anemic? or can it be something worse?

  4. Mila,
    It is very hard to diagnose via blog and it is important that you understand that this is just a guess. Please see a qualified herbalist in your area to help you any further and for a full examination.
    The sides of the tongue are a good indication as to how you’re liver is doing. Being that it is yellowish, I would be concerned about your liver. Not having examined you, I would guess that the pale tongue is from the overload the liver has on it and is now affecting the spleen. If this is the only symptom you have, you have caught whatever is going on early. There is an aricle written on the liver and it’s health and how to strengthen it. (see Liver: Gerenral understanding and Maintenance/

  5. adell says:

    Dear alexandra

    My friend is realy suffering from problems with her tongue.In the last three years she has had ulcers covering her tongue every where even her throat and cheeks.
    Right now she has between 10-12 ulcers.This is so cruel because eating is painfull as is talking.She has been like this continously with only 4 weeks in 3 years without any soares.There is no change in color, obviously when there are a clusters of them then it looks red raw.
    She has tried everything the doctor has sugested with no sucess.Changing her diet ect it seems its not allergys.
    The only relief if you can call it that is at night she uses adcortyl in orabase for mouth ulcers but this is not practical as it works best in a dry enviroment.I am becoming more concerned about this as it is just gettng worse.The doctor doesnt have a clue and im desperate for help please if you have any ideas i would be most grateful.We have searched online but with little help.Thankyou for your time.

    • Kim says:

      There is Burning Tongue / Mouth Syndrome. My mom has suffered off and on for almost 30 years. After this last bout and she was at her wits end, I asked about hormones. She admitted she had almost cut out her hormone replacement due to cost. Once she increased it again, the ulcers and burning went away.

  6. Dear Adell,
    As I have said before… it’s really hard to help via blog so please understand that this is just information to help you find a path but there is no way for me to know what is really going on without an examination.
    Tongue ulcers have different causes: biting, chewing, or burning of the tongue. They may also stem from Type 1 herpes simplex virus, tuberculosis, histoplasmosis, and cancer of the tongue. However, they could also be from an improper way of brushing and cleaning of the mouth, drinking access coffee or tea, eating too many spicy foods, drinking alcohol, smoking, or using toothpastes or mouthwashes that contain corrosive substances. You did not mention anything about stomach ulcers but if your friend has stomach ulcers – that will lead to tongue ulcers. You did mention that you have ruled out food allergies but food could still be causing the ulcers. If food is not taken regularly, that will cause them too.
    As you can see the causes are plenty and to give a proper treatment would depend on the cause. Since she has been to the doctor, I hope most of these have been ruled out. It’s best to keep a journal of everything and anything going in the mouth so you will be able to look it over and find the culprit. Meanwhile, here are some things to try (but still continue to find the cause so they will not reappear): Take a B-complex and multivitamin, clean mouth with a mixture of salt and hot water, and apply vegetable glycerin (found at your local health store) to the affected area. I have also heard of eating papaya, drinking coconut water (or sipping coconut oil), and applying butter to the area also helps. It would be wise to see a qualified practitioner to help you find the cause and then getting rid of them for good.

  7. sonia says:

    I have had ulcerative colitis for two years. I no longer have the dieorhea but still have bleeding every day in the stool, sometimes it is quite bad and has pus and mucous, the blood is very dark.
    Have taken conventional medicine to no effect. Can you suggest anyhing?
    I am a vegetarian , but have also found that dairy foods aggrevate my condition so i keep them to a minimum, i eat nuts to get the protien.

  8. Sonia,

    Holistic medicine works on the cause of symptoms – not on symptoms (that’s for allopathic medicine). The approach to healing colitis has three key factors: herbal treatment, dietary changes, and consideration of the factors that are causes.

    It is highly recommened that you do not try these without consulting a qualified practioner. Especially, if you are taking conventional medicine and have a medical condition (colitis counts towards this). You need to be monitored and a patient cannot possibly monitor themselves – without proper training (there are a lot of things to consider when monitoring a condition). Please consult a qualified practitioner. Via blog it is almost impossible to help without a thorough examination but this should get you started (with a qualified practitioners help):

    The key to diet in the the treatment of colitis is the avoidance of anything that will irritate the colon wall; by physical irritation, by it’s temperature, because of a chemical action or because it causes an allergic reaction.

    Physical irritation can be avoided by excluding any fibrous food from the diet. Bran and wholewheat flour, raw vegetables, fruit skins, fruits with pips (raspberry, etc.) nuts and cooked fibrous vegetables (cabbage, etc) should all be avoided.

    Chemical irritants should be avoided, namely alcohol, vinegar and vinegar products (pickles, etc.) spicy condiments, strong cheese and fried foods.

    Foods that cause allergic reactions, such as the dairy you mentioned, should be avoided, as should coffee and pork products. Instead, goat’s milk or soya milk can be substituted. Other permissible foods include eggs, tender and light meat, fish, liver, poultry, bland soups, lightly cooked vegetables and fruit (bananas and avocadoes may be eaten raw), products of unbleached white flour, fine cereals, and slippery elm food.

    Meal should be small and eaten often, rather than large and eaten three times daily. The diet shold be followed while the inflammation is acute, but once the symptoms are eased, high fiber foods should be slowly reintroduced. The chemicals and foods causing allergies should be avoided permanently.

    Colitis is an inflammation of part of the colon, and is the most common complaint affecting the large intestine. The intensity and particular symptoms depend on the extent of the inflammation. While the symptoms vary to some extent from person to person, colitis is characterized by alternating bouts of diarrhea and constipation, by a general lowering of vitality and often depression.

    This distressing condition will usually respond well to herbal medication and the use of an appropriate diet. A useful mixture is:

    3 parts Wild Yam
    2 parts Bayberry
    1 part Agrimony
    1 part Comfrey Root
    1 part Golden Seal
    1 part Marshmallow Root
    1 part Sheperd’s Purse
    1 part Echinacea

    This combination of herbs has several factors going on: It helps soothe and heal the lining of the large intestine (Comfrey and Marshmallow), constricts tissues and can reduce secretions and discharges ( Bayberry, Agrimony, Comfrey, Shepard’s Purse), and inflammation (Wild Yam). There is also Echinacea added to the mix for general debility and a reduction in vitality due to toxins from the ulcer entering into the blood and lymph system.

    This tea should be drunk three times a day.

    It is very important to understand that some of these herbs can interact with medication and other herbs should not be taken for long periods (as to avoid damage to other organs). It is very important that you seek a qualified practioner.


  9. Pauline says:

    Hi Alexandra,
    Your information on tongues was very interesting. My tongue is awful! It is coated from back to front (not the tip) and on both sides. There are cracks from back to front. A deeper crack from middle to tip. Tip having a very deep crack. Any suggestions on how to clear this up? A fast or detox? I would be interested in your advice and also I would appreciate any direction to take. Thanks!

  10. Hi Pauline,

    It is highly recommened that you do not try this recommendation without consulting a qualified practioner. Especially, if you are taking conventional medicine and have a medical condition. You need to be monitored and a patient cannot possibly monitor themselves – without proper training (there are a lot of things to consider when monitoring a condition). Please consult a qualified practitioner. Via blog it is almost impossible to help without a thorough examination but this should get you started (with a qualified practitioners help):

    The coating on the tongue is a good indicator of candida. I have written a post about candida here:
    and a post about the use of grapefruit seed extract in the treatment of candida here:
    The cracks on your tongue are a good indication that your digestive system is very weak and from your description it sounds as if it is chronic. This most likely is a result from the candida (but I can’t possibly know for sure via blog).
    You should know that candida leads to pretty serious degenerative diseases if not addressed. Also, digestive problems are at the center of most degenerative disease. So I not only advise that you see a qualified practitioner for a proper evaluation but also to address the candida and digestive problems that your tongue is displaying.
    The sides of your tongue indicate that this problem has overtaxed your digestive system enough that it is now overtaxing your liver. This indicates that you’re on the road to degenerative disease (diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc.). Candida can be pretty hard to address when it is this deep. However, along with the grapefruit seed extract, there are many other options. A good practitioner will also help you with foods you should avoid and lifestyle habits that are feeding the candida.
    I would not advise a fast or detox at this point because I’m pretty sure the liver isn’t the only organ affected. A fast or detox would weaken your already weak state.


  11. leigh says:

    hi alexandra i have been having alot of problems since christmas doctors think depressed and stressed with anxiety but looking at your site and and my tongue im not so sure you see the medication they keep trying me on none really have worked my tonge has like what i would describe as as big elavated crooked vein down the centre of it at the back like a whitish/yellowish coating and small pea sized red sores at back of tonge to and teeth marks at the sides i was admitted to hospital at christmas to felt like i was overheating all the time and my body swelling and pain in hips had an ultra sound and mri and fibroid was found in right side uterus but bloods came back normal dont know what they tested for doctor will not do intolerance as says waste of time can you suggest what could be wrong through tonge many thanks leigh

  12. Leigh,

    Via blog it is hard to tell what is going on but here’s some suggestions to get you started. The coating on the back of your tongue is common for people who smoke. The large intestine is being overworked and having trouble properly functioning – which would cause the secondary: anxiety and depression. The red dots show the toxic overload in the large intestine. Since your large intestine isn’t functioning properly, digestion and assimulation are being affected. Your tongue has swelled because of lack of nutrients (it doesn’t matter how well you eat at this point, if the digestion process can’t break it down into a useable form – you won’t get the nutrients) so you are suffering from a lack of proper nutrients(which would also contribute to the secondary: depression and anxiety).
    My advice is to find a holistic practitioner to help you stop smoking (if that’s the case). If you are not a smoker – possibly a virus or bug in the large intestine. You are overloaded with toxins and need a good detox ( a good cleansing-and-nutrient-replenishing detox). You will have to go slow as going into a detox too fast can cause some pretty nasty side effects. After the detox you will have to build the system back up to a healthy state. A good practitioner will help uncover what is causing the toxic overload in the large intestine and ease withdrawal and help lesson the detox side effects. This can be overwhelming for someone to do on their own and pretty frustrating (most will give up). It is highly recommended you consult a qualified practitioner.

    • SE says:

      Alexa – related to your tongue advice –
      I’m writing to you as a last hope in solving my problem. I have, 24/7, a bad taste in my mouth. It’s a sour taste. I have tried everything I can think of. I do take some medications, but my doctor said they would not cause this problem. Immediately after I brush my teeth, and whether I use mouthwash or not, the taste is there and lasts all day and night even though I brush often throughout the day and also scrape my tongue, etc. and etc…
      Thank you for any advice you might have,

  13. Elijah says:

    Dear Alexandra,
    I am doing a research on the toxins of our tongue.
    Does our tongue excrete toxins that if swallowed could cause serious problems on our internal organs. The bible says “death and life are in the power of the tongue. And they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” Proverbs 18:1.
    Is it possible that if we are angry and speak negative words, our tongue will excrete toxins and we tend to eat it as well?
    Thank you very much.

  14. Elijah says:

    Dear Alexandra,
    Does our tongue excrete toxins and when it is swallowed it causes problems in our internal organs?
    The bible says that “death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it shall eat its fruit” Proverbs 18:1
    Is it possible that when we get angry and speak negative words, the tongue excretes the toxins and we tend swallow it?
    Thank you for your time.

  15. Janet Tunget says:

    Alexandra – thanks so much for this web site.

    I have been suffering for years with a tongue that never feels like it has a comfortable place in my mouth. I have burning, rawness, and I bite my tongue constantly – mostly in sleep. I have a deep line in the middle of my tongue that is sometimes deeper than at other times. There are lots of pink looking round dots at the back of my tongue. The line starts about 1/2 inch from those dots and starts and stops in three lines. 2 lines are 1/2 inch in length, then about an inch from the tip of my tongue the line breaks and goes left. That line is very deep. The other 2 lines have a fuzzy white stuff around them.

    I was hospitalized with pancreatis for a week a year ago. I have difficulty eating almost anything at all. I am almost afraid to eat because I don’t know what is going to happen. It could be heartburn, GERD, gross belching, bloating, stomach upset, vomitting, diahrea, constipation, etc. I take Zegerid.

    I have been put through food allergy testing and it was negative. I have upset when I eat bananas, peanut products, tomatos, sugar, sauces of any kind, and meat because it will not digest. I cannot eat chocolate and I have had to give up the one thing I love – coffee. I know I am malnourished.

    I no longer have a gall bladder because it was filled with cholesterol crystals.

  16. diane says:

    my tonguehas deep and widecrevices in thecentre and towards the front. it mostly has a burning sensation.

  17. Trish says:

    I was very depressed for a couple of months this year, actually i think i still am a bit. any way, my tongue got really pale with a crack in the middle. Also red spots at the back of my tongue, I also had a ranula for a couple of days. I don’t smoke, got HIV tested for three months straight with negative results, thank god.IThe side of my tongue was red and sore, but it has clears up. When ever i eat it sticks to my tongue , say if i drink kool aid , my tongue is really red, and i have to brush really hard to get it off.I had dry mouth too.Also sore tongue. Is it depression that can give you all of that, or is there a chance that the HIV tests were wrong?I also have a pesky pain somewhere in my throat, but the doctor says he cant see anything, that my throat looks fine.But its been there for 6 months now.My tongue looks a bit hairy too, but not much.can you give me your opinion. Ill still contact my gp though


  18. Donna says:

    Hi Alexandra.

    i have a problem with my tongue for the past year, its really red and sore with little red spots on the end of . i think it becomes worst if i have alcohol i,ve been to the doctors about this they said it looks normal, but other people say its very red on the end, i,ve had tests done and all that has come back is high platlets which doctors don,t know why, i am becoming worried now, what would you recommended sometimes it looks swollen . -please can you advise me thanks Donna

  19. Dawna says:

    Hi Alexandra.
    I have IBS and leaky gut, I have the lines on my tongue and all that stuff. My question… when I eat certain things, (like a supplement I was taking to repair my intestine), in the morning when I wake up, I can taste the supplement on my tongue that I haven’t taken since the morning before. I’m leary to do a cleanse because of the ibs and needing to control it. Do you have any other suggestions?

  20. Marie says:

    Hi I just have a quick question! I have taken azithromax and soon after developed a yellow coating on my tongue. I just recently had blood work done and the dr said my liver and kidneys are perfectly normal but I’m still nervous because I have read that a yellow coating could indicate a disease. Could you give me any advice on how to get rid of it? When I brush my teeth it does go away and it usually appears towards the end of the day. When I wake up it’s never yellow only happens throughout the day!

  21. Cathy says:

    I have had a swollen tongue for a year, white coated. I have not been able to get any relief. I have been diagnosed with an immune deficiency problem and am now receiving IGG replacement therapy.

  22. Caroline says:

    I have a very deep line right down the middle of my tounge and at the back of my tounge it kind of starts to split and the lines go in different directions and then they fade further up. Is that normal??

  23. Caroline says:

    I have a very deep line right down the middle of my tongue and at the back of my tongue it kind of starts to split and the lines go in different directions and then they fade further up. Is that normal??

  24. Andrea says:

    I was delighted to find your blog! I have done cleansing fasts many times. When I am not fasting my tongue is pink with a long crack down the middle from back to front. When I cleanse my tongue turns white and as the days go by parts of it will clear but never all of it. Is this normal? I did one fast for 14 days trying to see if my tongue would clear but it would not. I use herbs and juices during these fasts to help detox. What is your suggestion?
    Thank You!!! Andrea

  25. Susan Hutt says:

    I have a large crivice in the middle of my tongue with little like cuts on the sides in the front and raised red bumps on the back of my tonge. What do you suggest.
    Thankyou for your time and oppinion.

  26. deana hussien says:

    I ve had a tiny little red spot (1mm) under the front left side of my tongue for the past month, it hasnt really grown and it doesnt hurt…what could this be??

  27. deana hussien says:

    I have a tiny red dot under the left side, front quarter of my tongue (closer to the surface) its been there for a month or so. It started as a pinkish hue then turned bright red, it kind of looks like an irritated papillae which stands out among the rest. It doesnt really hurt, I have also been quite constipated for the past month, could this have something to do with it?

  28. ke says:

    hi k so the reason why i’m on this sight is because one day my friends and i were talking about tounges, it randomly came up, then we were all showing each other our tongues. Everyones tongue for the most part looked pretty normal, but my toung has a fairly deep line down the middle. One of my friends then said that i’m eating too much junk food or sumthin, and i was like that cant be it, because i don’t eat that much junk, and there’s people who eat way more junk food than i do, and their tongues are fine. I am just really curious as to what’s the main issue this trait could be indicating? :/

  29. tika260 says:

    Hi Alexandra, I noticed after eating some walnut cookies earlier that evening..after right before going to bed that night I had taken a Mega T pill cleanser took it right before going to bed..imediately after my upper lip swelled and both sides of my tongue was and some white pus looking ridges…I also noticed under my tongue I have a lot of blue veins. It is painful and hard for me to or swallow. Please help me to Identify what may have caused this problem.

    Thank you!

  30. Sarah says:

    I have a very deep line going down the middle of my tongue, at points it goes off to smaller lines but doesn’t go right to the edge of my tongue. Is it a vitamin deficiancy or something else?

  31. Jojo says:

    Hi, my line on the tongue is deep, what does that mean?

  32. Will says:

    Tongue is yellow on the
    Outer left and right side. What is this ?

  33. Fallon says:

    Dear Alexandra,

    I am almost 13 and already my tongue is pale, has a bright redish pinkish tip, and has a crack going down the middle.. Can you please help tell me how to fix these problems? I have had the crack for as long as i can remember really.. and when i put my tongue up and look at it there are the two veins on either side of my tongue, but on the outsides of the two veins there are these flappy peices of flesh i guess you could call them.. and when i pull on them it stretches out kind of far and it feels as if i need to pull them off because it just hangs there when i pull on it i dont know if its normal. but i dont want to pull on them incase they are normal. help?

  34. lydia says:

    Hi, i’ve read the artical and looked at my tongue i have a line down the midle and in the centre of the line its curved i have back ache sometimes and i belive i have depression what do u think i should do i am only 18 thankyou.

  35. dennis says:

    why do i have dry mouth and a crack in middle of my tongue?
    I HAVE had MS AND NUEROPTHY since 1994 and have been vegan 10 + years. please help

  36. Patty says:

    I have been exhausted the past 2 years. Very little energy compared to once being known as the person fitting 36 hrs into a 24 hour day.

    I have the scalloped teeth indentations on both sides of my tongue. I am currently doing a total body cleanse. My first.

    This has occurred in the past. During a myriad of ailments.

    My question is if the swollen tongue with teeth indentations are thyroid related from too much chronic stress? Is it adrenal fatigue? Congested liver? ????

    I’ve had a tremendous amount of stress the past 4 years and wonder if my body is not responding to the T3 hormone or converting T4 to T3 due and creating reverse T3 that gives the illusion of an ok functioning thyroid.

  37. Rodney says:

    Hi Alexandra,

    Interesting information, reading the comments I am very confused, more over reading the information you have posted, which is confirmed in many other sites while doing research on the matter.

    I have been with a cracked tongue since I am very young, I will say that it started when I was 7. I was taken then to a conventional doctor who said it was normal, I don’t remember exactly but it was something like 1 on every 1000 people have a tongue that cracked and open in the middle, I have a deep line in the middle of my tongue that covers most of it, additional to the cracks my tongue seems to be quite big for the space it have, I have marks of my tooth all over the sides, always have been the case.

    Now the confusion is that besides my tongue looks, I am very healthy, I do not suffer from any sickness, I train regularly and feel strong and fit, practiced several sports during my life including martial arts, body building, soccer, etc,In addition I practice regularly Tai Chi and meditation. I am over 40 now and continue training and meditation. The only thing I have feel with aging is that I have to balance my substance ingestion to be more alkaline, a couple of years ago started to suffer from heart burns and by modifying my diet I stop that issue.

    In your experience, how come my tongue looks as such a disaster if I have perfect health?

    Sincerely confused

  38. tony says:

    hi alexandra my name is tony and i have a few isues with my tongue that i cant seem to sort out, i know that the problems are food related as i have recently been diagnosed with ceoliacs. but eaven after cutting out the relivent foods that go hand in hand with this disorder my tongue still has problems, my tongue apears swolen with teeth marks on both sides and the entire surface goes blotchey with marks that resemble the sort of pattern that ring worm makes. these marks are normaly the sise of a ten pence piece and cover my entire tongue? not sure what to do,do u think u can help??

  39. nigel says:

    Hi I am most interested in the comments left I have a strange tongue problem that appears not to be listed, the colour is normal ,not too wet but the oddity is that down both sides of the tongue are white raised lines ina zig zag formation left right and front just as though the top and bottom have been sewn together this comes and goes but when i have it it is usually sore, i have just had some dental work done and this appears to have started it again,, any ideas are appreciated thanks

  40. Matt says:

    Hi, after reading your site I think I may have a problem. I’ve always suffered with this problem as far as I can remember and am overweight.

    I have a coating on my tongue and a few cracks bon the tip which the doctor said a while back was due to dental reasons (had a few teeth needing removing) but the biggest problem is the teeth marks on the sides and my tongue is really swollen. I have just had a week of bad pain in the left lower abdomen which google says is the small intestine. I thought this may have been a blocked intestine as I was constipated too. I also feel run down, no energy and bad concentration.I also have a rash on my chest only and a little on my arms and belly.

    Do you think I have a food intolerance?

  41. Roberta says:

    I have a condition know as Vitiligo. It is on my face, neck, hands, legs and feet. It first started out as a small patch in the arm pit. It has now spread all over the body. What can I do to stop the condition from getting any worse?

  42. tiana saffery says:

    Hi, I’ve been having a lot of problem with my tongue and dont know what to do. The problem Iam having is, I cant taste my food, my tongue feels very chaucky. I have slight cracks on the middle, and I have some teeth marks on the sides. my tongue feels like its soaked in spicy food, or been scald with hot water. How do I rid of this problem? please help.

  43. paul says:

    Hi can anyone tell me if a brown line on the tongue is anything to do with the use of drugs many thanks Paul

  44. samuel says:

    Hi, I have many deep cracks on my tongue and in the morning there are some white lines like rivers from back or middle to the front of the tongue. When eat certain types of food like tomato my tongue burns. I also have semi white circle on the left side. I also have off white almost like grayish silver stuff at the back of my tongue. Any idea what i might have???

  45. Milo says:


    Sorry to bother you, I’ve always had painful indigestion since I was a kid. 2 years after having Mono, it got worse. Sometimes I get “beefy red” or brown lines vertically on the left side of the tongue, not the side but in the Center left, even sometimes on the right, as well.

    Just was wondering, I’m otherwise healthy…but 20 years of a poor diet, could be a big factor.

  46. De says:

    Hi, I am getting some pain in the middle of my tongue, I thought I had burnt it but then it would be better by now. I looked at it today, there is a hard or stiff white line about 1″ in length and 1/16″ in width. I wear temporary dentures, and went for a fitting one week ago for new ones, I cannot remember if I had pain then. Should I be worried?

  47. my father was told by an accupuncuturist that he had liver and spleen problems because of red tongue and spots, which none of us could see. Also he had blood tesrs via his physician, that indeed, he had no problems in these areas.His tongue is red with a coating of white towards the back. His general health has declined rapidly, and he has aged 10 to 15 years all in the last two. he is 73, has always worked out, eaten right, no drinkiing or smoking, and now he”s the one going, and going alarmingly fast. I’m scared can you do anything to help me diagnose, or give any suggestions?! thank you so much.

  48. Godfrey Eretu says:

    Dear Alexandra Tegan

    Today my 8 year old daughter complained of her tongue, i took the initiative to look at it. it has some white linings at towards the edge of the tongue, she has had this since birth and i and my wife didn’t take a serious problem. As of today she showed me her tongue its has a crack is at upper tip of the tongue and about 1 cm to the middle. She feels pains when she eats pineapple, take passion fruits. when one uses a magnifying glass there are traces of blood in the crack. Am puzzled by these developments. Please advise

  49. Monica says:

    Hi Alexandria,

    I have a weird white line that runs down the right side of my tongue. It is not on top, and it is not on the bottom of my tongue. The line is a straight white line that runs along the edge of where my teeth come together. I have had it for about 5 days now, and it is sore to the touch. It hurts everyday, as it rubs against my teeth. I have no idea what could be causing this, do you???

    thanks so much!

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