Metabolic Imbalance and Weight Gain

 Our bodies are designed to stay in balance in terms of tissue building up and tissue breaking down. An excess of one or the other is a metabolic imbalance.

Having a metabolic imbalance in the body lays the foundation for putting on excess weight. By keeping your body toxin-free you significantly increase your chance of having comfortable body weight, because excess of toxins in the body are the forerunners of obesity.

There are two basic ways metabolic imbalance is produced in our bodies. One is a normal, natural function of the body; the other we regularly contribute to, either knowingly or not. Both demand energy for its removal from your body.

The first way is produced through a process of metabolism. As you read this your inner body is not still; it is hard at work. Old cells are constantly being replaced by new cells. In fact, three hundred billion to eight hundred billion old cells a day are replaced with new ones. These old cells are toxic (poisonous) and must be removed from your body as soon as possible by one of the four channels of elimination: bowels, bladder, lungs, or skin. This is a normal, natural process of the body and is not something to be concerned about unless for some reason this toxic waste material is not eliminated at the same rate that it is being produced. As long as there’s sufficient amount of energy at the body’s disposal, this waste is eliminated properly.

The second way metabolic imbalance is produced in our bodies is from by-products of foods that are not properly digested, assimilated, and incorporated into cell structure. Because the foods we eat are processed, fried, steamed, stewed, boiled, or broiled and we are not biologically adapted to deal with so much of this altered food, the by-products of its incomplete digestion and assimilation form a certain amount of residue in the body. This residue is toxic. If these types of food are predominate in a person’s diet, the system is overtaxed on a regular basis.

As far as your weight is concerned, common sense will tell you that if more of this toxic waste is built than is eliminated, there is going to be a buildup of the excess. That translates as overweight.

Adding to the problem, toxins are of an acid nature. When there’s an acid buildup in the body, the body retains water to neutralize it, adding even more weight and bloat.

If you build more toxic waste every day than is eliminated, from your body, then it is going to be stored somewhere. Your body, ever trying to protect itself and maintain its integrity, tends to store this waste in or near the vital organs. It will be stored in the fatty tissue and the muscles. That means in the thighs, in the buttocks, around the midsection, in the upper arms, under the chin – all those places where we get the bulges most. If the problem isn’t straightened out, the ultimate result is not only obesity but general discomfort and lethargy as the body expends a great deal of its energy ridding itself of this accumulated toxic waste.

Although it may appear to be out of your control, it is not. It is a simple physiological phenomenon that is not a mystery. Anyone can take control of the situation and direct it to whatever degree you desire. It’s a matter of understanding metabolic imbalance and doing what is necessary to remove the toxic waste that already exists in our bodies and see that it is not accumulated at a more rapid pace than it is eliminated.

Of course removing toxins from the body needs to be balanced with building the body back up with good stored energy. This is why you hear so much about the importance of good digestion and making better food choices. When you eat healthier foods and when your elimination (digestion) is working properly it’s inevitable you’ll just plain feel better, have more good energy and the end result will be that you’re at a proper weight.


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