Rainy Day Fun

One weekend during his childhood DS’s parents were going to treat the boys to a day at the zoo. The boys couldn’t wait. They were so excited and ran from cage to cage to see all the animals. Toward the exit of the zoo was an ostrich. DS’s dad wanted the boys to wait for them so he told them not to pass the ostrich because the ostrich was a deadly creature. “It spits poison at its prey and if you go past him, he’ll spit the poison at you.” The boys were scared to pass the ostrich without their dad so they waited for their parents and all exited together.

Years later, DS and I took our little boy to his first zoo trip. DS saw the ostrich and proceeded to tell him about the poisonous ostrich. I listened in horror – why would he tell my little boy such a thing. This is some twisted gag he’s playing on a two year old. People started to gather and listen in to the story of the spitting ostrich.

“Why are you telling him that?” I asked.

DS looked at me like I was the nut case. “Because he’s old enough to understand.”

“Understand what exactly?”

“About animals and their prey.”

“You do know that ostriches don’t spit poison. Right?”

“They sure do.”

So on our son’s first visit to the zoo, DS learned that everything he had learned about ostriches and spitting poison was in fact just a ploy for he and his brothers to wait for his parents before heading out the exit at the zoo.

As it turns out DS learned a lot of things through the years the same time as the kids did. He learned that if he doesn’t throw out dirty diapers he’ll find them on his pillow. He learned to take his shoes off at the door or he won’t be able to find them the next day.

He just recently learned that when he opened the broom closet he shouldn’t be surprised if I jump out to scare him. This is not the first (or last) time I’ve scared him by jumping out of someplace unexpected.

DS takes the trash out every Monday night and I was in the closet waiting for him to get a new trash bag. It’s great to watch a grown man jump a foot off the ground. It’s even more fun when you do it two times in a row.

My rainy day game is just plain fun. My hiding ability has turned into an art. I pick my hiding place wisely because I don’t want to wait for very long so I pick places where he’s sure to go. Like behind the shower curtain in the bathroom. That’s a good place. I usually wait until he’s in midstream before I pop out. It’s really hard not laugh as he changes his shoes.

The best time to get him is in the morning when he isn’t quite awake yet. His senses are slower in the morning and I get him every time.

DS has tried to hide around corners to scare me but it always backfires and I end up jumping out to scare him before he even realizes I’m coming. A few times he thought I was coming and I could hear from the other room that he just jumped out – to scare no one. He usually comes looking for me to tell me about what he just did but while he’s walking toward me laughing I get behind the door and jump out at him. Sometimes I’ll say ‘Look out for the ostrich’.

I go in waves. I’ll scare him a lot and then not at all. He never knows what hit him. And I brighten up the most dreary of days for myself.


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