Health Journal

 When you begin to make healthy lifestyle changes, you should make a journal so you can track those changes and also track the difference it has made in your health. It’s also important to keep a health journal for chronic health conditions. In keeping a journal you will see if there’s a pattern to your health. It will help you remember exactly when a certain condition began or changed. You will be able to track the progress to your health goal. You will be able to see if a difference was made in the way you feel. You won’t forget to ask your health care provider an important question. You won’t feel overwhelmed writing out all the details of your overall health picture. Here’s some ideas to get you started. Make your own hard copy or copy and paste this one. Start a health journal in a three ring binder and help you understand your health better.

Today’s Date

Today’s Weather

Hot Sunny Damp

Warm Cloudy Rainy

Cool Overcast Snowy

Cold Foggy Windy



Weight AM PM

Temperature AM PM

Blood Pressure AM PM

Sugar Level AM PM

Hours slept last night: Sound Restless

Naps Taken Today How many?


Drugs / Medications

Quantity – Description – Strength


Vitamins / Herbs

Quantity – Description – Strength


Physical Activity

Activity – Hours – Minutes


Pain Scale 1-5

Location of Pain:

Circle pain intensity:

1 Mild

2 Moderate

3 Severe

4 Very Severe

5 Worst Possible


In General today I feel:

Good – Fair – Poor


Conditions and Symptoms

Circle the area (s) that apply to you and write a short description that explains your condition.


Ears / Nose/ Throat


Mouth / Throat


Head / Neck / Back


Shoulders / Arms / Hands


Chest / Heart


Respiratory System


Digestive System


Hips / Legs / Feet


Male / Female Organs








Today’s Diet

Just keep track of the stuff you’d like to monitor. This can be your whole diet or the fat, sodium, calories, protein, sugar, etc. Or keep track of everything you eat.











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