Exercising and Eating Better But Still Not Losing Weight

 There can be reasons other than overindulgence in foods and a total lack of exercise that can cause excess weight.

 Glandular Imbalance:

One of those reasons is glandular imbalance. If there is a glandular imbalance you could have problems with your thyroid, pituitary gland, or hormones.


When there’s a thyroid imbalance one of the things that can happen is your thyroid can be underactive, this causes your metabolism to slow down. The whole body’s basic rate of activity lowers, weight is put on because lethargy, and apathy are common, and there is a tendency to deep depression (which is deepened by the noticeable weight gain). Bladderwrack, or kelp, has proved most successful in the treatment of underactive thyroid glands. Through the regulation of thyroid function there is an improvement in all the associated symptoms. When obesity is associated with thyroid trouble, this herb will be especially helpful in reducing excess weight because it helps to speed the metabolism back up.


When there’s a pituitary gland imbalance your body fat will build up causing excess weight. The pituitary gland regulates fat distribution. A good blood purification herb is needed if your pituitary gland is imbalanced. Alfalfa is an excellent blood purifier to use. Echinacea, nettles, red clover, and sarsaparilla are also great blood purifiers.


When your endocrine glands are imbalanced they have a direct effect on your hormones. Hormones that are out of balance may cause excess weight. Evening primrose will help put your hormones back in balance. *

Other Reasons:


You will retain excess water and look heavier, which may also make you feel heavier and therefore crave heavier foods. Adding fiber into your diet will regulate your elimination (which is vital to whole body health). If you are severely constipated use Cascara sagrada.

Poor Digestion:


When your pancreas is insufficient, your blood sugar can fluctuate wildly, causing you to crave sugar and carbohydrates. Golden seal will help you with high blood sugar and licorice root for low blood sugar. Chromium picolinate will help balance both high and low blood sugar.


When your absorption of food is insufficient, your body is not being nourished properly and your appetite button gets triggered more than necessary, causing you to overeat. This is more common than you may think and is one of the biggest causes of weight gain for just about all overweight Americans. Our country has the most choices in food and the least nourished body’s. Food enzymes with hydrochloric acid will help break down proteins and undigested proteins left in the colon. Eat pineapple to help the breakdown of dairy. Acidophilus supplements can aid in the absorption of nutrients. It’s most important to change your diet. Eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, foods with high fiber (whole grains). Stay away from (the white stuff) white flour, white sugar (brown sugar is white sugar with molasses, it’s in this white sugar category), white rice, and all processed foods.

Poor Food Combining

When you eat foods that inhibit the digestion of the other foods (such as starches and proteins at the same meal), the result is poor digestion, which leads to excess weight. There is nothing to completely help with poor food combining, but pineapple, papaya, and peppermint will help.


* If you suspect any of these reasons to be the cause for your weight gain you should consult a doctor. There are blood tests** and other things your doctor can provide to have an accurate diagnoses. The herbs and supplements are suggestions for after a qualified diagnoses. It can be dangerous to self medicate (even with natural herbs and supplements) especially when the cause is an underlying condition. Sometimes those underlying conditions will cause the above mentioned conditions which is then called a secondary condition. It is highly recommended to consult your doctor.


** Push for the tests, if your concerns are dismissed by all means make your doctor understand your concern has reasoning. Doctor’s usually listen to your concerns when they have all the facts. Doctors are more likely to dismiss your concerns if you say something like, “I’m having trouble losing weight, could it be my pancreas?” Instead tell your doctor, “I’ve been eating this and cutting out that. I am exercising. And even though I’m making these changes, and making sure I get enough of the right foods, I still don’t feel right and am not losing weight. I think my blood sugar is out of balance and I’m concerned about my pancreas.” Don’t be discouraged if your doctor asks more questions, they need to do that sometimes to find out more about your concern. Doctors are science minded and work on facts. They don’t have a lot to go on if they don’t have all the facts. And if you flat out feel you’re not being listened to don’t be afraid to change your doctor.


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