Red Tea

 Content and Benefits:

Red tea, also known as Rooibus, is not technically a tea. It comes from a plant, Rooibus, in Africa but is often referred to as “tea”. A digestive remedy for indigestion and eating too many rich fatty foods this should be a staple for people who eat a Standard American Diet (SAD). When we eat too many fatty foods and foods we are allergic to our body fights it off. One of the side effects of the body fighting that off is excess mucus from parasites. Red tea fights off the excess mucus conditions from parasites. There are 50% more antioxidants in red tea than in green. The health benefits of rooibos (ROY -BUS) are bound to make it a favorite. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. It is caffeine-free and it’s also low in tannins, that sometimes can cause digestive problems.


Black tea in China is called Red Tea. That is not to be confused with the Red Tea from Africa.

You will find red tea combined with many spices, herbs, and fruits but there are only two varieties: Rooibus and Green Rooibus.

Rooibus has a sweet flavor and leaves your tongue a bit tingly after drinking. Green Rooibus is named such because it is not allowed to oxidize, leaving it green. Green Rooibus has a lighter and fruitier taste with a hint of green tea aftertaste. As mentioned before there are a lot of combinations of red tea: Chai Red Tea, Earl Grey Red Tea, Belgian Chocolate Red Tea, Lemon Red Tea, etc. However, red tea without being combined with other things is delicious on it’s own. It does not taste like “tea”. It tastes more like a light, fruity- sweet drink.

Make It Right:

Use 1 teaspoon per 8 ounces of water. The water should be at a full boil when poured over the leaves. Cover. This is not a tea leaf so steep for 7- 10 minutes because it requires a longer time to break it down.


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