Black Tea

Content and Benefits:

Black teas have the strongest caffeine content and strongest flavor. The caffeine content of black tea is about 50 to 80 mg per cup. It has enzymes that promote digestion and help our bodies resist harmful bacteria. A person’s blood flow will benefit fairly quickly from drinking black tea. The flavonoids (the active stuff in tea) reduce harmful blood clotting linked to heart attacks and also lowers bad cholesterol levels and that could help reduce your risk to heart disease. Numerous studies have shown that regular consumption of black tea is protective against a host of human cancers.


There are different varieties of Black Tea available and each has it’s own unique taste. The orange pekoe that most Americans are familiar with is not a flavor of tea but a grade of tea. Chinese Keemun and Yunnan, Ceylon from Sri Lanka, and Assam and Darjeeling, both grown in India.

Make It Right:

Black tea generally requires one level teaspoon for each 6-ounce cup. When the water is in full boil, immediately pour it over the leaves. Cover. In general steep up to 5 minutes. For those who find the tannins (the stuff that makes your tongue feel fuzzy) irritating, add fresh lemon juice to your black tea. Water Temperature: 200-212 degrees


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