Blog Update

 With all the parties to plan and toes to paint, it has been a little overwhelming keeping up with all the blogs. The wordpress blog is by far the easiest to maintain so I have consolidated to this central location. To stay true to each blog I have developed a schedule so my fans will still find their favorite subjects and introduce some to new topics I cover. The following schedule allows for each of my most popular topics to be blogged about at least once each week:

Monday – Natural Health

  • There is so much information today about herbs and natural health that it’s hard to keep it all straight. This lays it all out for you and helps you understand natural health and cures without all the hype.

Tuesday – Home Remedies

  • It doesn’t make any sense to learn what health benefits nature supplies and not know how to use them. This blog tells you how to make your own remedies from easy to find ingredients.

Wednesday – A Real Life Sitcom

  • Short stories about how I approach life with my husband who’s driving me crazy.

Thursday – Weight Loss

  • There are always the latest and greatest fad diets to blog about but this blog also talks about why your diet isn’t working and small changes you can make.

Friday – Cooking

  • Sharing recipes is a favorite on this blog but you’ll also find many other important tips.

Saturday – Misc

  • Some topics just seem to pop up and the weekend is a good time to talk about all the other stuff going on in the world. There is no set topic or structure.

Sunday – Essential Oils

  • Practical and easy-to-understand blog about every conceivable use for esstential oils and aromatherapy.

 I hope everyone will enjoy the new less time consuming schedule as much as I will. And I’m looking forward to hearing from all the newbies (along with all the oldies!!)

 Tech Stuff: If you aren’t taken to the new site click the link.



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