Why You Find Tupperware Bowls At Garage Sales

 DS likes to take naps. These naps are usually at the most inconvenient time of the day like when the kids need help with homework, dinner needs to be made and the little ones are demanding attention. It would be nice if he timed these naps with the baby’s nap but timing is not one of his strong points. DS works from home so while he takes these naps I get to take his phone messages. While I was assembling dinner, I wrote down that Mr. Lyon called and he needed to call him back today. Urgent. I underlined urgent and wrote down the number. I finished assembling the casserole and placed it in the oven. The kids were finishing up their homework and discussing what movie they wanted to watch. After it was all done, I went in to check on Sleeping Beauty because this is about the time he wakes up and asks if there’s anything he can do to help. My answer is always the same, “Pack.” I have even made it very easy for him on occasion and packed for him. But now I could hear he was still out like a light with the fog horn snoring as I approached the bedroom. Once inside I saw him sprawled out on the bed, drool dripping out of corner of his mouth, and feet hanging out at the end of the bed. I looked closer at his feet so I could avert the glamorous scene at the head of the bed and noticed he really has nice nail beds. They’re so tall and wide. I have a hard time getting polish on my toe nails because they’re much smaller than his. His toes were missing something though. A little pizazz. I picked up some nail polish off the dresser and started painting his toe nails. I was right. His toes do look better when they’re painted. And the red color was just the perk they needed.

When I finished pouring the fingernail polish remover down the sink I went in to watch the movie with the kids. I don’t know what’s wrong me. It’s like a sickness but I can’t help finding more things for me to do: I picked up the dirty socks off the edge of the couch, picked up the throw pillow that was on the floor and told whoever had the empty glass of juice on the end table to take care of it. I then sat down to watch the movie just in time for the timer to go off. I went to get the casserole out of the oven and I could hear DS getting up and walking into the bathroom.

It’s always the same thing when he gets up, right into the bathroom. It was a moment or two before I heard “My toes are bleeding!” being yelled from the bathroom. Now I’m no master at it but I have a gift and can usually tell what DS is thinking but for the life of me I can’t figure out why he chose to say that when he saw the painted toes. I suppose it’s possible that there is some sort of toe-bleeding disorder but I have never heard of one. I’m pretty sure the sports section only covers sports injuries and not rare toe-bleeding disorders so I didn’t think DS had ever heard of one either. I was busy getting the casserole out of the oven so I was as helpful as I could be and yelled back. “Do you need band-aids?” The kids had heard DS holler about his bleeding toes so they darted down the hall to check on him. As they passed the kitchen I told them “Tell him to run his toes under the water.”

He came into the kitchen shaking his head asking, “Why did you do that?” Since dinner was ready and it was time to eat I didn’t give him the list of reasons. While we were sitting down to the table DS picked up his phone messages and announced that he needed to make a call and could we quiet down.

DS has very nice phone etiquette and gave his name and asked to speak to Mr. Lyon. The lady on the other end was very helpful and told him Mr. Lion would like to have him for lunch. She then explained to him that he had reached the local zoo.

At the dinner table our family plays a game. It’s like 20 Questions only the person thinking of the object or place assigns how many questions each person can ask and we go around the table until someone has guessed correctly. The five year old always wants to go first and DS was holding up the game because of his important phone call. So when he finally stopped fooling around and sat down the five year old announced she was thinking of a an object.

After dinner DS asked me how to get the polish off his toes but I told him we were unfortunately out of remover. I told him vinegar would work and to soak his feet in some. While I was getting the kids ready for bed and he was soaking his feet in a Tupperware bowl, the furnace started to clunk. CLUNK! CLUNK! “Oh, please God, no.” I thought. Not because I was worried about the furnace going out but because I didn’t want DS to play handy-man again. CLUNK! Too late. I could hear him going to check it out. He didn’t go to the basement where the furnace is located. He went to the thermostat and started pushing buttons. I know this because I could hear the beep, beep, bon. The bon was because he couldn’t remember the numerical password he had set-up and his access was being rejected. Beep, beep, bon. CLUNK! I told the kids to get themselves into bed and went to help. I went downstairs to the basement and shut-off the furnace by the switch which is located on the top under a clear flip-lid marked On/Off. I went back upstairs and he was still beep, beep, bon-ing. I suggested we call someone and I am happy to report that he agreed.

DS enjoys it when there’s a repairman at our house because he likes to follow them around and ask questions about how things work. I usually ignore the pleading eyes when they look at me because I enjoy the break. It doesn’t matter what the repairman’s specialty is, DS will ask him about anything that pops into his head. I actually felt sorry for the first couple of repairmen that we hired. I did intervene once though because my heart went out to poor repairman Tim. I remember Tim’s name not because he was an especially good repairman but because DS said Tim’s name a few hundred times while Tim was here. Tim was called over because our refrigerator was leaking. DS had fixed it a few times before but “new” leaks kept popping up. Before Tim arrived DS moved the refrigerator out of the cut-out nook in the kitchen. This was not any easy task because the things that where on top of the refrigerator kept sliding off and DS would stop mid-move and pick up whatever had fallen and put it back on top of the refrigerator. DS likes to adhere to the rule that when moving a refrigerator you cannot move the items on top either before or during the move to another location. After the refrigerator was moved into it’s easily accessible place DS got the work area ready. He placed his flashlight, hammer, and screwdriver down behind the back along the wall. That’s when DS saw the little hole in the floor. He examined it and saw that there was a hose coming up from the basement to the back of the fridge. This was the culprit he told me. He ran down to the basement to see the hose come out the other end. He didn’t know for sure it was attached to anything else until he saw it with his own two eyes. When he confirmed what he suspected, the hose was attached to a water line, he came back up and announced that we didn’t really need a repairman after all. Luckily, Tim was already on his way.

When a repairman arrives DS meets him at the door and shakes his hand extra firm and asks for the man’s first name. “Tim” he said. Tim was younger than DS and that is the only reason that I can think of that made DS think he knew more than that repairman. DS lead him into the kitchen and showed Tim around the refrigerator. Although DS never acknowledged the front of the fridge he showed Tim where the water was coming out at the bottom and he showed Tim the back that had the hose leading to the hole. DS picked up his flashlight and showed Tim that it truly was a hole and that it reached all the way into the basement. Tim wasn’t paying close enough attention to DS’s hole so DS just kept talking about it. “Tim, the hose leads down to a water pipe.” he stated.

Tim went around to the front of the side-by-side and opened the freezer and popped off a panel that covered the ice maker. DS told Tim that there was some extra hose in the garage that might be the same size as the the hose in the hole. “Tim, it’s an easy replacement,” he explained. Tim pulled out a pair of pliers and straightened a kink in a copper wire that carried the water to the ice maker. DS ran downstairs and stuck his finger up into the hole to show Tim that he knew where the other end was. Tim popped the cover back on the ice maker and went to the back of the fridge and talked into the hole.

“There was a kink in the copper wire and it was causing the water to back up. It’s straightened now and there should be no more leaking.”

DS’s finger slowly disappeared and he went back to the kitchen. DS started to try and persuade Tim that the hose in the hole was the culprit. Tim started to break down and humored DS and said he’d look at the hose if that’s what DS wants but reminded him that he gets paid by the hour. That’s when I had to intervene. Tim was not trying to get extra money by staying an extra hour but DS was insisting that Tim stay and fix the hose that wasn’t broken. I felt bad for DS because his hammer and screwdriver never got used but I felt worse for Tim who was just trying to leave. I knew Tim’s pain.

The furnace repairman showed up pretty quick for being an after hours call. “Bob” he said when DS was giving the extra firm handshake. DS showed him to the thermostat that he had laid his flashlight, hammer and screwdriver under. Bob looked toward the thermostat and asked to see the furnace. DS showed him to the basement. This repair didn’t take very long and Bob was in and out within the hour. DS thought it was too quick because Bob didn’t even look at the thermostat or the button that made the bon sound. After we saw Bob to the door and locked up for the night, DS started to put his untouched flashlight, hammer and screwdriver away. I noticed DS was bare foot and I wondered what Bob had thought about DS’s toe-bleeding disorder.


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