Rainy Day Fun

One weekend during his childhood DS’s parents were going to treat the boys to a day at the zoo. The boys couldn’t wait. They were so excited and ran from cage to cage to see all the animals. Toward the exit of the zoo was an ostrich. DS’s dad wanted the boys to wait for them so he told them not to pass the ostrich because the ostrich was a deadly creature. “It spits poison at its prey and if you go past him, he’ll spit the poison at you.” The boys were scared to pass the ostrich without their dad so they waited for their parents and all exited together.


Honey Wrinkle Remover

Honey adds softness and fresh beauty to the skin. Beekeepers’ hands are often quite soft and wonderfully smooth during honey collection.

Liver: General Understanding and Maintenance

This is our most complex organ and handles almost everything that enters the body. It has thousands of functions, including the removal of toxins from the bloodstream. Harmful substances are neutralized and passed from the liver to the intestines in bile. The liver also produces a supply of long-term energy for the body, by converting the energy from food into the metabolic nutrients that are needed for cells to function efficiently.

Traveling With Essential Oils

There are diffusers that you can purchase to plug into the cigarette lighter socket in the car , or you can put the oils on a cotton pad or tissue (put the cotton balls on the back rear window shelf in cars). These essential oils can be used in the car, on a train, or on a plane

Referred Pain

Pain generated in one part of the body but felt it another part of the body is called referred pain. For example, pleurisy affecting the diaphragm may cause pain to be felt in the shoulder and the pain of acute appendicitis is felt first as referred pain in the center of the abdomen around the umbilicus (belly button) and later in the right lower quarter of the abdomen.

Fresh Cabbage Soup

Cabbage is an excellent detoxifier and is reputed to aid the digestion, detoxify the stomach and upper bowels, cleanse the liver and reduce the risk of certain cancers. It is also rich in folate, vitamins C and E, potassium, iron, beta carotene and thiamin, and is well known for its potent antiviral and antibacterial qualities. An overwhelming abundance of medical and scientific evidence has been published in the last decade to show that cabbage and its family members can help prevent cancer. Cabbage can also dramatically lower “bad” cholesterol. And surprisingly there was a study to prove that cabbage helps improve elimination. Although this is obvious to anyone who has ever eaten cabbage, an interesting point in the study suggested adding about 5 cups of cabbage, raw or cooked, twice a week in your diet for improved colon function. Cabbage will also help suppress yeast infections. Eating cabbage weekly affords considerable protection against harmful radiation (x-rays, computers, microwaves, color TV’s, power lines, etc.) effects when added to your basic diet.

Weight Loss Tea

This tea has been used for centuries to dissolve fatty tissue. It also improves the beauty and youthfulness of the skin, cleanses the mucous membrane of the colon, and is an excellent source of vitamin C. This tea is a diuretic and helps reduce water retention (which makes up a huge part of unwanted weight), balances the appetite, and minimizes food cravings. Drink 2 to 3 glasses per day for weight loss purposes.

Catching a Flick While Chores Get Done

Our house is about medium-small. It used to feel much bigger but our family size doubled and it now feels much smaller. Being a smaller house has its perks. I always know where everyone is, even if they’re not in sight. DS has no idea where anyone is. He’s always asking, “Where are you?’” We’ve only hidden from him once but now he thinks we hide from him all the time.

Lemon: And That’s Just the Half of It

Lemons earned their reputation as a cure for scurvy long before vitamin C was actually identified. They have an abundant supply of this vitamin, providing more than a days dose – as well as small amounts of some B vitamins, vitamin E, substantial quantities of potassium, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus and the important trace minerals copper, zinc, iron, and manganese. They also activate the immune system by stimulating white corpuscle activity.

Caffeine and the Nervous System

Most people have heard, ‘Stay away from too much caffeine,’ but rarely do they know why.
If you don’t know caffeine is a stimulant then you do now. Caffeine is medicinal because of it’s stimulant properties. Among other things, it is used in medication as a means to get the pharmaceutical into the blood stream faster. Hence the ‘Fast Relief” slogans. It can also be used for that reason in natural medicine. Caffeine is beneficial in treating a wide variety of conditions but the extensive use of a stimulating caffeine beverage without regard to bodily needs will, on the other hand, be harmful.